Root Removal in Drains with London Sewer Services

Over the years of drainage, the most common
cause of blockage is root Infestation - Pipe Root Removal and Root Clearance Services

If your Drainage system is close to trees and bushes etc this is most likely the cause of the Blockage. London Sewer Services can carry out the most up to date Root Removal Machinery. We have portable Electro Mechanical Machining Equipment in which has changeable cutting blades to suit your size of pipe work. We also carry a specialised Root Removal Machine in which attaches to the High Pressure Water Jets and cuts through Roots at high Pressure in more serious infestation.

London Sewer Services can Remove all Roots Ingress making the Drainage Pipe flow 100%

Generally we would clear a blockage, if found to re-block we would then carry out a CCTV Inspection, if found to be root infestation we would advise you the customer to have removed. If accepted we would then remove the roots with our latest machinery equipment.

We would then advise the customer to have the drain re-lined to prevent further growth of the root. We have carried out this service a number of times and is becoming a common problem. References available on request.

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